Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer is responsible for supplying or installing support on any overhang (corbels are recommended on overhangs that are 10″ more).
  2. Sink must be provided on or before day of template and faucets must be provided by the customer on or before the day of installation.
  3. Farmer sinks must be set in cabinet before we can template.
  4. There will be a $100.00 return trip fee if sink is not in place.
  5. All plumbing IS TO BE DISCONNECTED BEFORE installation occurs. AGC does NOT disconnect – pipes, gas lines, water lines or any plumbing of any kind – including that to the refrigerator, or any material for that matter.
  6. The customer is responsible for any damage to pipes, sinks, or any material while disconnecting plumbing.
  7. There is no extra charge for tear out of laminated counter tops or sinks.
  8. There will be an extra charge of a minimum of $300.00 for stone, Corian, or tile tear out.
  9. AGC is not responsible for any damage done to walls, paint, sinks, plumbing, mirrors, etc., during tear out and stone installation.
  10. Remnants become property of Authentic Granite Creations.                 
  11. 100% of deposit is non-refundable after template.
  12.  Any remaining balance needs to be paid at time of installation.
  13. The slab stated above is approved by the buyer. 
  14. AGC IS NOT responsible for the natural variety in color, shade, quality or veining in the stone.
  15. If customer is not present on day of installation prior arrangements MUST be made with AGC.
  16. If payment is not received on day of installation a $25.00 late fee will be added per day.
  17. If all payments per contract are not met within 3 days of installation a mechanical lien will be executed.
  18. If paying with a credit card there will be a 3% finance fee.
  19. Buyer does acknowledge that template and/or installation will be rescheduled due to bad weather conditions. 
  20. Contract becomes fully executed on date of signature.
  21. Any changes made after date of execution, MUST be made in writing with an addendum, signed and dated by a responsible party and are subject to a $125.00 non-refundable administration fee.


  1. Authentic Granite Creations LLC. warrants labor ONLY for one year from the date of installation.
  2. If a warranty kit is purchased, then the warranty terms revert to those of the warranty kit. During this period, after inspection by Authentic Granite Creations LLC., all defective parts will either be repaired or replaced (at the sole discretion of Authentic Granite Creations LLC.). In no event is Authentic Granite Creations LLC. liable for special or consequential damages. WARRANTIES CONTAINED IN THIS PARAGRAPH ARE THE SOLE WARRANTIES PROVIDED AND MADE IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTIES WITHIN THIS CONTRACT.
  3. No plumbing, electrical, flooring, decoration, trim work or other construction work is to be provided unless specifically set forth herein. In the event the buyer is to perform their own installation, all warranties are voided. It is understood that the price agreed upon herein does not include possible hidden or unknown issues found at the job site. In the event such issues arise the buyer is required to furnish labor and materials. Issues sometimes cannot be determined until work has started. Rotting decay in the structure or parts need to be replaced before the stone can be installed.

Customer satisfaction is important to us, so please take the time to make sure all your questions are answered and that you understand what you are contracting for.

  1. Make sure that the style, color and specifics of the material is what you want.
  2. Make sure the counter tops selection including edge type, manufacturer, type of back splash, overhang, radius of corners and so forth are correctly noted.
  3. Buyer is not relying on any verbal representation concerning this contract.
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